Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watch it Wednesday- Bachelorette and Big Brother

Next week is the Bachelorette Finale people!  This season with Des started out great, then it got kind of slow in the middle, but the end is definitely picking up the slack.  This week's episode was killer.  At first I felt really bad for Des when Brooks broke up with her.  I mean, Brooks was the one she was planning to pick!  But then...I remembered how she just went to the fantasy suite with Chris and Drew the previous nights, and I felt a little less bad for her.  If you knowingly love someone, why are you "spending the night" with two other guys?  Sometimes I wonder if the producers make them do stuff like that so they have material and leave things dramatic until the end.  It was still heartbreaking seeing Des do the ugly cry.  That's when you know it's hit the fan...when the ugly cry happens.

So, how do you think it will end?  I have a feeling she breaks up with Chris and Drew and goes home.  Then, after a lot of soul searching, I think Brooks ends up coming back and telling Des he actually does love her.  I think he comes back, because you could tell after she told him she loved him and he was the one, his attitude changed and he started second guessing himself.  It will be interesting...

Are you watching Big Brother?  If the answer is no, then shame on you.  It is really one of the best reality shows on TV.  (Better than the Bachelor and Bachelorette I dare say.)  This season exploded from the beginning and is turning in to one of my favorites ever.  There has been a lot of controversy in the media about one of the contestants, Aaryn.  After a few racist remarks and snotty comments, she may just be one of the hated house guests Big Brother has ever had.  Her unpleasant demeanor has already caused her to be dropped by her modeling agency.  I just can't wait until she gets evicted from the house and Julie tears her a new one.  I can't stand people that think they are better than everyone else in the world.  Who is your favorite BB house guest this season?

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  1. I have to agree with you on The Bachelorette! I hope you're right! I liked Brooks from the beginning.


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