Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Watch it Wednesday

Hometown Dates were this week on the Bach. So, what did you think? Hometowns are always my favorite, not just because you get to see the families and stuff, but because you really get a sense of who is really in it for good.

-Zak's family was cute. Loved their artsy fartsy home. His mom was cute, his sister was cute, and his brother was hot. Seriously, Des should have given his brother a rose. Smokin'!
-The musical serenade by Zak's family was...interesting (for lack of a better word).
-Zak giving Des a promise ring was so cute! He moved up in my book during that moment.
-Drew's family was adorable!  I want his dad for a Father-in-Law. I teared up when he asked Des about seeing angels. Sweetest moment ever.
-Chris's family was awkward. Going from Drew's family to Chris's family was like leaving a colorful rainbow and walking into a black and white snooze-fest. Boring. 
-I still like Chris, but I'm not too sure about the monotone dinner conversation and nose-popping chiropractic technique. Was that really necessary to show on TV? I'm just glad we could make it through a date without poetry.
-Due to a thunderstorm, I was unable to see the full Brooks hometown visit. This totally had me screaming at the TV and cursing Dish network until the regularly scheduled program resumed.  What I did see was a giant happy family and a not so happy Brooks. He seems borderline scared sometimes. He just needs to relax. It's only a reality show on national TV. It's not like anyone really thinks you will actually get married if you propose.
-When Zak went home, I felt crushed for him. Poor guy. Although he started out at my bottom, he really moved up to be a top contender. I really felt bad for him, but I think he has a good shot of becoming the next Bach, so no cries here.
-As for next week, I def think Brooks has commitment issues and leaves on his own. This is most likely why Des is doing the ugly cry and sobbing uncontrollably in the next episode.
-Also next time is fantasy suite dates! Always scandalous. Always a good watch.

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