Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

When I travel, I hate bringing jewelry for the simple fact that it always gets tangled up when I get to my destination. My earrings are hooked to my necklaces which are stuck to my rings. It's a mess. For this last time I traveled, I really wanted to bring some jewelry, so I found a simple way to keep things separated that wouldn't cause me stress later on.

First, I found a snack sized ziplock bag and a stapler.

Then I stapled down the bag twice in the middle, so I had three even sections.

Last, I added my jewelry. It was that easy.

This kept everything separated and untangled my whole trip, took 1 minute to do, and probably cost less than $.05 total. It worked with a bigger bag and my chunky necklaces too. Thrifty!

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