Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watch it Wednesday

 A little Bach recap from this week:
  • Well, I think I should just stop putting people in my top list for the Bachelorette, because every time I do they get sent home.  Or, maybe I should put the guys I don't like in my top, and hope that the bad luck trend continues so they get sent home.  
  • I was sad to see Brad leave.  He seemed like such a sweet guy, but definitely too quiet for Des.
  • The Mr. Beauty Pageant was nice, and when I say nice, I mean nice to look at.
  • Evidently, this season of the Bachelorette is one of the lowest rated seasons ever.  I wonder if it is because people are just tired of the same old drama and story.  It's like watching the movie "The Hangover" continuously.  Or is it because Des is boring.  I do like that she is normal and down to earth, but maybe people want someone with a little more personality.  Either way, I'll still be watching.
  • Why is Bryden being a baby and threatening to go home.  That bugs me.  You lost brownie points dude.  And did you just love that twitter comment that said, "Seriously Bryden, the Breaking Amish look is not working for you."  Hahaha!
  • Zak W. and his guitar song to Des...I hope I never have to hear or watch that again.
  • Sad Converse guy Zack K. went home, but he wasn't really a front runner for Des romantically.
  • I love how Chris (my final and last hope in my top 3) joked about being in the "friend zone".  I think the best relationships start as great friendships, and you can totally see that they have friend chemistry and romantic chemistry.  I think Chris is the one to beat right now.
Also, True Blood started up again last week.  Now Sunday night's are something to look forward to.

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