Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thrifty Thursday- Ibotta app

I learned about a new app called Ibotta a few weeks ago.  Ibotta is an app for iPhone and Android that lets you earn CA$H for your purchases.  Basically, you earn money for buying grocery products that are on the app, and they pay you money.  That's right, Ibotta PAYS YOU $$$.

Here's how it works. 
  1. You go onto Ibotta before grocery shopping and select the offers you want to buy
  2. Shop at one of the Ibotta approved stores and buy the offers you selected
  3. Take a picture of your reciept showing the items you bought
  4. Ibotta confirms your purchase and credits you money on a PayPal account
That's it!  If you are already planning on buying some of the selected offers, then it is a great opportunity to make some extra cash.  I have already submitted my receipt after buying a few offers during my grocery trip this week, but I haven't set up a PayPal account yet.  I hope this app will be something that will add up over time for some extra cash.

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