Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Watch it Wednesday- The Bachelorette {Episode 2}

Today you get a double dose of Watch it Wednesday.  There was just too much on Monday's Bachelorette, and I couldn't miss out on writing about all the drama.

  • I am liking Des more and more lately.  She seems really down to earth and genuinely excited about everything.  Can you tell she feels like a princess, because she says it at least 5 times each episode.  Unless they are just inserting the same sound clip over and over again. I wouldn't put it past those sneaky editors.
  • The date with Brooks (Fabio) made me like him a little bit more.  He seems like a nice guy.  I can't tell if he will get annoying later on, but for now I don't mind him. 
  • The group date was fun.  Have you seen the full rap video?  Well you should.  I'm a Texas girl, so Ben in that cowboy hat was scrumptious.
  • Is it just me or is Mikey cross eyed?  Maybe?  Just a little bit?  Bueller?
  • Did anyone else notice how Brandon played the part of "guard and protect your heart" Kasey in the video?  I totally called it!  Even one of the twitter comments at the bottom of the show said they look alike.  I think later in the show we will learn that Brandon and Kasey are actually brothers.  Or even cousins.  Shocker!  Seriously though, it's crazy how much they look alike.
  •  Let's talk about the date with Bryden (The Veteran).  Like I said before, I think he is a really good guy.  But how awkward was that hot tub kiss?  I don't even think it would have happened if Des wouldn't have broke the awkwardness by saying, "Will you just kiss me already!"  Poor girl.  That was painful to watch.  I guess he was just really nervous.  And Bryden, we all know you are an Iraq War Veteran (and I have mad respect for that), but it doesn't mean your hair still has to be.  Please, P-U-LEASE get a new style.  It would make you 150% times better looking.  My friend brought to my attention that you look like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber, and I'm sorry to say it is true.  I promise you this is not a good thing.  You look like you have bangs.  I'm not trying to bash on you, because I totally understand how the military is strict with hairstyles.  I have family in the military, so I totally get that.  But right now, you are on National TV, so putting a little gel in your hair for a hot date wouldn't hurt.  I think Bryden will go far though.  Des really likes him, and I think he is the biggest gentleman out of all the guys.  He just needs a little more confidence. You know a guy like Bryden would stand up for you, and that's the kind of man you want on your side.

Next week looks like another promising episode filled with drama, tears, and make-outs.   Who do you think has their ex-girlfriend (or maybe current girlfriend) show up and call them out?  I think it's Ben.  Something about him doesn't sit well with me.  He reminds me of a dirty politician saying all the right words to charm his target, but something deep down tells me it's all for show.  I've also heard it could be one of my top 3 pics, Brian (the model).  I really hope not though.  He had kind of droopy eye this last week.  Hopefully it was just a bee sting or something temporary. Who do you think it will be?

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