Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifty Thursday- Easy Peasy Greasy Disposal Method

Here's a trick I always use when I am cooking with something that makes grease.  If you didn't know already, grease is really bad to pour down your garbage disposal.  It can clog it up and make for a not so fun mess if it builds up over time.  The best way to get rid of grease is to throw it away, but that can be a challenge when you are in the middle of cooking and you can't just pour boiling hot grease into a trash bag.  If you have an empty tin can hanging around that you were going to throw away anyway, then you can pour the grease in there to chill and throw away later.  If you don't have a random empty can, then here is a quick trick I always use to dispose of grease.  All you need is aluminum foil and a bowl. 

Place the foil inside the bowl.  Rather than trying to cram and fit the foil into the bowl's shape, turn the bowl upside down and mold the foil to the outside.   It will then easily be the perfect shape to fit inside of the bowl.

Then, just pour your grease inside and let it cool.  I usually just wait until after we have eaten dinner and I am cleaning up to dispose of the grease.  All you have to do is fold the foil into a ball and toss it into the trash. Hamburger grease stays liquid once it's cooled, so you will want to be careful to really pinch and seal the foil so it doesn't leak out once you throw it away.  Bacon grease turns solid at room temperature, so it is pretty easy to toss out.

There you have it!  So, next time you don't know what to do with that yucky grease in the kitchen, just remember the mess free Easy Peasy Greasy Disposal Method.

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