Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites


Birthdays are one of my favorite things, and today is my birthday!  I love birthdays, because even though it is just another day to everyone else in the world, it is a special day for you and inside you feel just a little different all day long.  When you get older and have kids, birthdays are not as cool as they once were, but it is still nice to have an excuse to do whatever you want and eat a lot of cake.  Which brings me to my next favorite thing...


Cake is delicious.  I'm not talking about that store bought cake from Wal-Mart with that sugary icing that turns your tongue strange colors (although some people actually love that kind).  I am talking about a good old fashioned homemade cake that takes a few hours to make and tastes oh so yummy.  My least favorite cake is red velvet cake.  My favorite cakes are carrot cake, german-chocolate cake, and of course any other cake that has chocolate in it.  Oh, and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  Cheesecake totally counts as cake.  It's my birthday, and I say so.  I plan on eating some cheesecake when my husband takes me out for my birthday dinner at my next favorite thing...

...Ruth's Chris Steak House
I plan on getting a juicy filet mignon, and I will get to enjoy every single bite of it to myself since our kids will be with a sitter.  Ask any mom, being able to eat a warm meal uninterrupted is seriously the best gift ever.  Yay for birthdays!

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