Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watch it Wednesday- American Idol

This week a winner will be crowned on American Idol.  This is actually the very first year I have not watched the show.  I watched the auditions, and I just could not handle Nicki Minaj.  Even Miriah Carey bugged me a bit, but I really liked Keith Urban.  I hear he is taking over Randy's spot for future seasons. I miss Steven Tyler.  He was entertaining.  Anyways, I might actually watch the finale show just to see what kind of talent there is.  That, and I want to see what inspirational song the winner sings since it will be playing on the radio non-stop for the next few months.  I think it's cool that two girls made it to the finals.  Actually, the top three contestants were girls.  It's about time a girl won!  Girl power! I hear Candice is really good.  I remember Kree a bit from auditions and liked her.  I also really like Angie, except for her hair.  Something about it bugged me. She got voted out last week, so it doesn't really matter now.  I bet she will "move on to do amazing things" and "it won't be the last time we here from her" since that is what they say to everyone who gets voted off early.  I guess I will just have to tune in and see who wins for myself.

Are you watching American Idol?  Who do you hope is the winner?

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