Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

Brown Sugar Bear

I saw this at the check out at Bed Bath and Beyond and asked the cashier if it really worked to keep your brown sugar soft.  She said a lot of people buy it, so it must be good.  So, I decided to spend the $3.50 and I am SO glad I did.  I use brown sugar a lot to make cookies, but it seems to get hard and dry really fast. My bag of brown sugar was literally one giant, hard rock.  I was seriously just about to throw it away, because it was pretty much unusable.  The directions tell you to soak the brown sugar bear in water for 20 min, and then seal it in the bag. I did just that and decided to check on it the next morning.  I fully expected my brown sugar to be somewhat soft, but still clumpy and hard.  I was totally wrong.  This little miracle bear transformed my brown sugar into its original condition like I had just purchased it at the store the day before.  Simple things like this make me really excited, and I was running around the house looking for my husband so I could tell him about this marvel.  Being a guy, he didn't really care, but I thought it was awesome.  It also works on hard marshmallows.  Trust me, I tried it.  So, if you have clumpy gross brown sugar, go buy yourself a brown sugar bear.  I think it comes in other shapes too, and it would be a great gift for friends or teachers. 

Good BBQ

I'm from Texas, so I like to think I know good BBQ.  When people in Utah say they are having a BBQ, it usually means they are grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.  Sorry, but that is not BBQ.  BBQ is brisket, pulled pork, and sauce that makes your taste buds go "Ooohh la la", and that is exactly what you get when you go to Big Al's BBQ.  As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a big Texas welcome and a warm slice of Texas toast garlic bread.  The owner is none other than Big Al, and he is usually walking around saying hi and refilling drinks for customers.  Other than the brisket, the restaurant decor is my favorite thing.  There are so many details that have been put in to make you feel like you are dining in a small Texas town.  They have a good variety of sauces from spicy to sweet, and their home-style sides will make you think your own mother is hiding in the back cooking up a storm.  The funeral potatoes and sweet cream corn are my favorite.  So, if you are in Utah and looking for a good place to chow down, check this place out.  I promise you won't regret it. 

If you know of any other amazing BBQ joints, let me know.  I love learning about new places.


Just because.  It is delish and never seems to disappoint.  With both of my pregnancies, Coke seemed to be my only must have craving.  Just the smell of Coca-Cola made my mouth water.  Coke, Coke Slurpees, Coke chapstick, Coke candy...I wanted it all.  Yep, I was a Coke head.  Since caffeine isn't the best while pregnant, I had to limit my addiction.  Now that I am not pregnant anymore, I don't crave the sweet nectar quite as much.  This is probably good because I hear soda is not so good for losing baby weight.  However, on a particularly difficult day where I just seem to drag and the kids are bouncing off the walls, a Coke is my little slice of heaven. 

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  1. I have always wanted to try that place! I am going to HAVE to now since as a Texan you are validating it!


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