Monday, April 22, 2013

The results are in!

It seems as though Google has some issues with their poll gadgets, so the full amount of people that voted on the poll to name Monday's theme didn't fully get recorded. *Sad face.  I was able to see, for the most part, how the votes were being recorded before the technical issues began. I also had polls set up on a couple different websites and community boards I visit.  With all of the results combined, and after talking to a lot of people about it, the winner is.....

Mojo Monday

I really liked Meme it Monday, but people either loved it or totally hated it.  I also found a lot of people just did not understand what the heck a meme is.  I wanted to go with something that was more easily understood, and the votes showed it was down to Monday Madness or Mojo Monday.  It was a tough battle, but Mojo Monday won.  I like the sound of it and I definitely think it flows with the personality of this blog.  So, I hope you enjoy getting a dose of mojo on your Mondays from Soup on the Rocks.  Thanks for everyone who voted.

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