Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-SnipSnap

There is an iphone app we regularly use at my house called SnipSnap.  If you don't have it, download it right now.  SnipSnap's tagline is "Never forget a coupon at home!"  This app has already saved us so much money.  Basically, on SnipSnap you take a picture of a printed coupon and it downloads it into a digital coupon.  You can store all of your copouons, and SnipSnap will notify you right before they expire so you don't forget to use them.  The coupons you scan can be private for your use only, or public for others to use.  If you don't have any coupons to scan, no worries.  You can use coupons other people have scanned in.

Last week our family went out on a Saturday to run some errands.  We stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and used SnipSnap to find a coupon for our purchase.  Right next door was Babies R Us.  We got a few things for our baby and used SnipSnap to find a 20% off coupon for our purchase.  It was awesome!  I can't tell you how many times I have been at Babies R Us searching through my purse for a 20% off coupon, just to find it after 5 minutes and it is expired. Major fail.  That will never happen again with this app.  Next we headed to the mall, because I wanted to get a new shirt at the Gap.  We easily found a ton of Gap coupons to use on my purchase.  Lastly, we decided to eat dinner at the new Longhorn Steakhouse that just opened in our area.  Guess what?  SnipSnap had a coupon for $4 off our meal.

We saved so much from this one app in one day, and did I mention SnipSnap is FREE.  So if you download the app and only use it once to save $1, it is still totally worth it.  You can even search through coupons ahead of time for stores you frequently shop and have SnipSnap ping you when you are in the store to remind you that you have a coupon.  It's a really great app, so go download it and I would love to hear what coupons you get and how much you save.


  1. This app is genius, thanks for sharing!! Are most of the stores that you come into contact with okay taking a digital coupon? There have been so many times where I leave a store without using my coupon, soooo frustrating!

    1. Most of the stores we have gone to are fine accepting the coupon. Usually they just need the coupon code number or they just scan it with the barcode directly off our phone. A couple of stores had never done a digital coupon and the employees were kind of nervous since they didn't know how to do it, but they got the manager or figured it out themselves and it worked just fine. The only place I could see not accepting them are grocery stores since they usually have to have the physical coupon to turn in to the manufacturer for a reimbursement. I think digital coupons are so much easier and I really hope more stores catch on to keep up with technology.

  2. Good to know, thanks Chels! I'm loving this blog of yours!


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