Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

Dried Apricots:
Have you ever had dried apricots?  Well, you should try them, because they are amazingly delish.  I know whole fruit is better nutruitionally than dried fruit, but sometimes convience is top priority with food when you're a mom and have a busy schedule.  When it comes down to sugary fruit snacks or dried fruit, I will choose dried fruit every time.  My almost 2-year old loves dried apricot like they are candy crack.  I have to hide the bag from him.  I love getting them at Costco in the giant bags, so I can put them in sandwich bags with some cashews for a quick healthy snack when I am at work or driving around.  I'm not even a big apricot fruit fan, but give them to me dried and I'll devour them all up.  Give them a try next time you're at the store.

Smart Links:
When you are driving home at 8pm and you realize your kids have not had dinner, you stop at the drive thru for some quick chicken nuggets.  Don't lie to me, because you know you do it.  I try to avoid fast food, but it happens sometimes.  One time, we went to Wendy's and were given their Smart Links kid's meal toy.  The first time my 3-year old opened that bag...I knew he was embarking on toy heaven.  My friend gave us a bunch that her older children didn't want, and now my son has quite the collection of Smart Links.  Although these toys can be annoying when you find them spread out around the house in the strangest places, I will say the benefits outweigh the negatives.  When I have a splitting headache and I need a mommy moment of peace and quiet, I can always count on these colorful links to entertain my toddler for a good chunk of time.  So for me, these toys have been a lifesaver.  My little guy loves linking them into giant creations, laying them out on the carpet in rows, and counting them into color piles.  They are the best.

Target's Dollar Spot:
I try to stay out of Target, because once I go in I get sucked into every cute thing they have to offer...which is pretty much everything.  It's seriously sickening the amount of money I can drop there in an hour.  One of the many things I love there is the dollar spot at the front of the store.  Everything in that section is a few dollars or less, and you can find some pretty awesome things depending on when you go.  Right now, they have their Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff available.  I was able to get some cute Trick-or-Treat buckets for my kids, a "Happy Halloween" banner for decor, a couple packs of glow sticks, and some Halloween stationary for work all for just a few bucks.  Check it out next time you are there. It's a great spot for party favors and kid reward prizes.

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