Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Favorites


My sister in law introduced me to VaniCream products when I told her my baby was having eczema problems.  His skin was red and rough, and in some spots it was so dry he would bleed.  Her dermatologist recommended VaniCream for her son, so I figured it was worth a try.  I was pretty much desperate to find anything that worked.  The only place I could find VaniCream was at Walgreen's.  I ended up buying the ointment and lotion.  I used the ointment after his baths to seal in moisture, and I used the lotion in the morning and throughout the day to add moisture to his skin.  After only a few days, my little baby's skin was clean and clear.  I love how VaniCream is free of harsh chemicals and dyes.  It's a really good product and is the only thing that worked for us. 

Sleeping Masks

I'm kind of addicted to my sleeping mask.  I bought one a long time ago, because I was taking a late night flight and I wanted to make sure I slept well.  Ever since I have been hooked.  The curtains in my bedroom are sheer, so when the sun comes up my whole room is lit with sunshine.  This is great to help me wake up on days I need to get an early start, but not so great on days I want to sleep in.  So on the days I want to get some extra shut eye, I wear a sleeping mask.  Something about how much they block out light makes you sleep SO much better.  I literally fall asleep within 3 minutes of wearing a mask when it is light outside.  Unfortunately, I have lost the two nice ones I usually wear and I have been wearing a kids pink bunny mask the last few months, but it does the job until I can find where my toddler hid the other ones.  So, if you have trouble sleeping or just want to feel more relaxed when sleeping, try a sleeping mask.  You might be surprised at the results.

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