Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watch it Wednesday

The Bach this week was a good build up to the awesome hometown dates next week.  Hometown dates are THE BEST, and I can't wait!  A few things from this week...

  • Des is looking better and better each episode.  I particularly loved every one of her outfits this week.
  • Loved how Sean's top 4 all randomly got together as Des's "girlfriends" to talk and check out the guys, but isn't it a little awkward to be together with a bunch of girls that all were in love with the same guy at one point?
  • I think Des almost fell asleep on her date with Michael.  That boy can talk.  He definitely loves the sound his own voice. I think it was obvious he was going home last night to everyone but him.  I will say he earned brownie points for his classy exit.  I hope him and his mom find a lovely wife someday.
  • Zak has gained favor with me since his one on one last week, but I still can't look at him without thinking of him acting like a crazy with his shirt off.  I can't wait to see his musical family next week.
  • Drew seems nice, but I think he belongs in the 50's instead of 2013.  He seems like a safe pick, but safe isn't always the best choice.
  • Chris (*swoon) I hope Des marries him or he at least becomes the next Bach.  He is so into Des it's not even funny. But...
  • ...I don't know if she is into him.  What was up with Des practically telling Chris Harrison that she was in love with Brooks!?  Does she not realize the other guys are going to watch this later, and what if she doesn't pick Brooks?  I think it's too early to "cross the finish line" with anyone at this point. 
  • Can't wait to see what Des's creepy stalker brother is going to do next week. It should be a good one, and by good I mean a lot of drama.

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