Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites

My short vacation has turned into an extended stay, and with a sick baby on top of that I wasn't able to post yesterday. Sorry. Moving on to some of my favorites from the kitchen...

The Ex Knife Set
This is the best and coolest knife set you will ever find. Forget boring knife sets for wedding gifts. Next time get this awesome one instead. My mom has this set, and the knives are actually really nice and sharp.  I guess they have to be to be able to stab through an ex. But really, I love this thing! You can find The Ex online pretty much anywhere. Just Google it.

Blade of Glory
While we are on the topic of knife sets, the Blade of Glory is the perfect addition to any knife in your life. (I rhymed!)  I purchased this As Seen on TV item at Walgreens last week, and it is great. After ten years of my parents using the ex knife set, they did not have their original sharpness. I learned this when I tried to cut a strawberry and practically mushed the whole thing trying to slice it since the blade was so dull. The Blade of Glory was easy to use and quickly made the knives as good as new (and probably sharper).  It only cost $10 and would make a great gift for anyone you don't know what to buy.

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