Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Favorites

Loreal Double Extend Mascara

I get asked a lot if I have eyelash extensions, and the answer is no.  After two babies, I can't always say I am the most confident about my body, but I can say I am happy about my eyelashes.  I have used the same mascara since high school, and I will never switch to a different kind for as long as they are making it.  I have tried other mascaras that brag about how awesome and award winning they are, but they never seem to make my lashes as long and full looking as Loreal's Double Extend does.  My favorite kind is the carbon black one.  I don't really know why, but the word carbon just sounds exciting and cool to me.  (I'm obviously a sucker for marketing.)  I think the reason this mascara works so well, is because you put on a primer before putting on the mascara.  I always put the primer on and let it sit for about one minute before putting on the mascara.  I also like the brush.  It isn't super tiny, and it always seems to add just the right amount of coating without looking clumpy.  Every person has different lashes, so every mascara might not be the best for everyone, but if you are on the search for a good one I would HIGHLY recommend giving Loreal's Double Extend Mascara a try.  It's literally the one makeup staple I can't live without.

Avon's Skin So Soft- Satin Glow Moisturizer

I don't usually wear shorts, because that would mean the world would have to bear looking at my pasty white and borderline see-through legs.  Luckily, my awesome mom got me Avon's Skin So Soft Satin Glow moisturizer for my bday this year, and I actually look like I have some color on my legs.  The reason I am making this a favorite is because of how much I like this product compared to other self tanning lotions I have tried.  This one goes on super smooth and it doesn't have that gross tanning smell to it.  It also dries quickly and does not stain clothing.  So far, I have had great results with this product.  I would definitely recommend if you have ghostly white legs like me.

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