Monday, January 4, 2016

Bachelor Ben- my thoughts on episode 1

It's Raining Ben, Hallelujah!  Ben as the Bachelor this season is kind of a breath of fresh air.  He seems like a good mix of small town and city, adventurous with morals, and good looks but natural.  Anyone who watches The Bachelor knows it's all about placing bets, making stereotypes, and forming judgments.  The first episode is always a fun one to watch.  As I watched the show tonight, I wrote down my totally random thoughts and observations that popped into my head. Naturally, I compiled them all here to share with all of you, because everyone knows the best part about watching The Bachelor is talking about the Bachelor with other people that watch The Bachelor.  Here you go:

Ben's parents have a nice lake house. Ben's parents are so cute.

Amanda- helium balloon voice

Tiara- she should quit the bachelor and just marry her chickens already.

Caila, Leah, Rachel, Olivia- they make me want a sparkly dress

Samantha- raspy voice or are you sick?

Jubilie- Of course Ben likes her dress. Her boobs are hanging out of it.

Red velvet- I will call you Emma Stone

The twins- are they going to talk together the whole time?

Flower head girl- why do I keep thinking of Halloween when I see her face? She cray cray

Horse girl- I'll pass, but give me your pony

Izzy- unless you are at home on the couch watching The Bachelor, just say no to onesies

Lace- catty and crazy eyes

Olivia- I'm feeling the Chemistry (and she's from Austin!)

I hope my boys call me on speakerphone during big life events like Ben calls his parents.

Becca still looks like Britney Spears to me

Man, Ben is such a good guy. Bravo.

Lauren B-kind of feeling a little chemistry vibe there

Lace- please, just put down the drink

Yes! Olivia got the first impresh rose! Called it.

JoJo- Isla Fisher's sister? Wedding Crashers IS one of her fav movies on her online bio. Coincidence? I want to be her friend.

Will I ever know if Shushanna speaks English?

He gave Mandy AND Lace a rose? Ugh! My confidence in Ben's life decisions just went down a notch or two.

Poor ginger girl got sent home.

Ugh, send that Lace hommmeeeee already.

Here come the previews for next week. Bring on the tears and drama. ...  after watching ... Meh, doesn't look like anything too crazy this season.

What is the prison officer on OITNB doing on The Talking Dead Bachelor?

Yep, give me my computer for my Bachelor Bracket.  Welp, looks like I am not the only one since the site has crashed.

Top 3 picks:
Lauren B

Other contenders: JoJo, Amanda, and Becca

Tell me, what do you think about this season so far?  Who are your top picks?

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