Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm back!

Obviously, I took a little break from my blog.  After a lot of things happening in my life, I got distracted and kind of lost focus with where I wanted to take this blog.  During my break, I noticed a lot of traffic to my blog posts on the Fast Metabolism Diet recipes and reviews. I have also gotten a lot of comments on readers wanting more recipes and tips.  I have to admit that for a little while I slipped back into some old bad habits, but I am now recommitting myself to be strong so I can make it to my goal weight and be a healthier me.  Plus, I have a vacation coming up this summer and I want to look somewhat presentable in a swim suit.  With my new focus, there will be more fitness and food posts coming your way.  Also, if you are a fan of FMD, need a little inspiration to kick a few pounds to the curb, or just want some healthy recipes for cooking, then FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM  @soupontherocks I will be frequently posting my journey through pictures, and I would love your encouragement and comments to help me along the way.

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