Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Watch it Wednesday- Big Brother McCranda

Evidently since Amanda has been out of the house, she is pushing buttons among jury members to make sure they vote for McCrae to win Big Brother if he makes it to the end.  I am sure she has many reasons she wants McCrae to win other than her relationship with him.  For one, she would get publicity if she continued her relationship with McCrae after the show is over.  Look at Jeff and Jordan.  Big Brother has more successful relationships than The Bachelor!  Second, I am sure she wants her lover boy to win, because it would mean she would in a way be winning too.  I am sure she would manipulate McCrae to give her a large chunk of the cash if he won.  Third, rumors are spreading that Amanda has her eye on becoming a power couple on The Amazing Race when Big Brother is over.  I actually think Amanda would do well on that show with her pushy go get 'em personality, but I don't know if the McCranda relationship would do well since McCrae is a little a lot more level headed and laid back.  It would at least be very entertaining to watch.  I guess we will see what happens. 

So far, this season has been awesome to watch and I can't wait to get to the finale!  I only wish Big Brother would do an after show interview with the house guests to see their reactions to things on the show.  How awesome would that be?!  Come on CBS, make it happen.

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