Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites- FMD favorites

Since this weekend is my last week of The Fast Metabolism Diet, that is until I start up another 28 day cycle, I wanted to share some of my favorite products that I have discovered and fallen in love with.

Sweet Potato Chips
I have tried making my own sweet potato chips, and although they are really good, I can't ever seem to get the crispy crunch that I want.  I bought a few bags of these Terra Sweet Potato Chips at the store, and I am hooked.  They are super yummy and the perfect snack for Phase 3, especially with some cookie dough hummus (my review on that is coming soon).


On The Fast Metabolism Diet, Stevia and Xylitol are pretty much the only okay sweeteners you can have.  In the first week I was using Stevia in my oatmeal and smoothies, but I could not stomach the aftertaste of it and I started dreading my morning oatmeal because of it.  It's not unbearable, but it definitely has a flavor to it you can taste.  So, I went out on a search for xylitol.  Man, that stuff is hard to find!  I finally found some at Good Earth, and it is so good!  It tastes just like sugar, and it is way better for you.  Did you know that xylitol won't cause cavities?  How awesome is that!  I put it on everything now, and I plan to go back and buy a giant bag to cook with in the future for all my sweet needs.  I really like this Xyla brand.

Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread

This is my favorite bread for the FMD.  I have always been a wheat bread fan, so this wasn't a huge change for me to eat.  It tastes a lot like the normal wheat bread I eat.  You get this Ezekiel bread in the freezer section, and I love that it is frozen since I only take out a few pieces at a time.  It lasts forever that way and doesn't get all moldy half way though.  I love using this bread to make french toast with strawberries in the morning. Mmmmm...

Justin's Almond Butter

I was slightly hesitant to switch from peanut butter to almond butter.  I was pleasantly surprised with the taste, and I really like the Justin's brand.  Sure, it's not the creamy Jif I love, but it is edible and tastes good.  I really like this almond butter with celery or on toast.  Another reason I love the Justin's brand, is because they sell individual serving packets which are great to keep in a bag on the go for a healthy snack. 


  1. I've been out of the blog world for awhile but I've really missed your blog! It's been fun to catch up--this diet sounds so interesting. I'll be excited to read your review. The recipes (and these snacks) that you've posted sound really good, I'm going to have to try some of them! The Terra veggie chips (they have a mixture of veggie chips and sweet potato) are super good too.

  2. I just started reading this book, and I'm excited! I'm interested to see how you do in the next few weeks (like what changes you'll keep if you're not officially in a 4 week cycle).

    On the subject of homemade sweet potato chips, we love these: You make them in the microwave which helps keep them even and crispy (as long as they are all cut the same thickness). Only downside is they shrivel up a lot, so you have to do several batches to finish off one potato.

    1. Genius! I will def have to try that recipe in the microwave. Thanks! Let me know what you think of the book.


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