Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Watch it Wednesday- Big Brother 2013 Look ALikes

Big Brother is getting intense.  Just when I think I know who the next house guest is to go home, things always change.  One thing for sure is there are a lot of house guests that resemble other people this season.  Here are my picks for Big Brother 2013 look alikes.

McCrae and Loki
It took me a while to figure out who McCrae looks like, but once I realized it was Loki, I can't really look at him the same anymore.  He is totally Thor's brother in real life!

Howard and Ron Artest

Andy and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jeremy and Taylor Lautner

What do you think?  What other house guests have look alikes in your opinion?  Tonight's BB has the return of Zingbot.  I'm excited to hear the zings (especially Aaryn's zing) and see the reactions from the house guests.

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