Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Watch it Wednesday

I'm excited for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, coming out on Friday.  It's been a while since a good Superman movie has been made.  The last few have been pretty lame.  I have high hopes for Man of Steel since Henry Cavill is Superman.  He is pretty hot, so even if the movie sucks, it really won't. The preview looks really good.  Are you going to see Man of Steel this weekend?

Let's talk this weeks Bach.  What did you think? 
  • I am failing miserably at my top 3 predictions, since 2 of them left last night.  Dan and Brian are both gone.  Sad for Dan, but he was quiet so his loss.  I was a little sad for Brian at first when his ex-girlfriend girlfriend showed up.  In the beginning of all that drama, I thought that she could just be a psycho girl from his past trying to sabotage him and get her 15 minutes of fame on TV.  But thennnnn he admitted to sleeping with her a few days before the show, and I immediately did not feel sorry for him anymore.  What a scumbag.  I'm so glad Des kicked him to the curb.  
  • The group dates were nothing special, but I was happy to see my last (and only now) top 3 pick, Chris, get the rose.  What a romantic taking Des to the roof and being so casual about it.  I like him.
  • Fabio, I mean Brooks, got injured.  Get well. XOXO
  • Soccer Stud, Juan Pablo, worked it like a champ on the group date.  Sexy.  Seriously though, just look at these pics.  If I ever get the opportunity to be in a movie, I am requesting it to be a western.
  • I was happy to see that #Kasey did not use any hashtags on his date.  It bumped him up a level in my book.  He seems nice enough and it sucks his date was rainy and lame, but he made the best of it and was a good sport.
  • What?!  Brandon didn't get a rose?  What a non-shocker!  The romantic chemistry just was not there, and Des realized it as soon as she kissed those "guard and protect your heart" lips.
  • Since my top three is now a top 1, I have to re-evaluate.  I still like shoe-tie guy Chris, but I am going to add in Shy Guy Brad (who evidently isn't too shy since he is a club DJ on the side). Welcome Brad.  I like that he protected his kid enough to wait until he got to know Des a little before mentioning he was a dad.  I also like his smile.  I think the quiet ones in the beginning are sometimes the ones that go far in the game.  They kind of let the loud and macho men weed themselves out until they are the ones left standing.  I totally see that with Chris and Brad.  I'm going to have to see a couple more episodes to decide who my third top pic is.

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