Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites- Baby Carriers

There are so many different baby carriers out there, and it can be hard to choose which one is best.  I have bought my share of carriers, so for today's Friday Favorites I am going to share my favorite carriers and why I love them.

Seven Slings
Seven Slings often get bashed for being cheap and non-stretchy slings.  I actually like these slings a lot for the first couple months while having a newborn.  With both of my kids, I used my Seven Sling almost every day.  I like that the fabric is tight and keeps my newborn feeling snug and secure in the cradle carry position.  Both my babies have loved this sling and immediately fall asleep once they are in it.  

After 2 months old, I don't like using this sling though.  Since the fabric is tighter and doesn't stretch, it is too difficult to put my babies in it when they get bigger, and I would rather use the other carriers I have.  I still think this carrier is a great deal since you can always find coupon codes to get 100% off and just pay free shipping.  It would make a great baby shower gift for someone.

Moby Wrap
I got a Moby Wrap with my second baby from my aunt as a gift.  When I first opened the Moby, I was taken back by how long it was.  It's basically a long piece of material that you wrap around your body multiple times to make the carrier.  After reading the manual 10 times, I was still confused at how to use the Moby, so I turned to YouTube for help.  One video later, and I had it all figured out.

There are multiple ways you can wear the Moby Wrap.  I like the newborn hold for the first 3 months until my baby was more active and wanting to kick and look around.  Then I transitioned to the other holds where my baby could have his feet and legs out.  My son is 7 months and I still use the Moby around the house when I am cleaning or needing to get things done, but I don't keep him in it too long since he is a big baby and the stretchy material of the Moby sometimes stretches too much making my baby is sag.  

Also, I am not a huge person, but I am by no means skinny minnie.  Immediately after having my second baby, I was swollen and still looked 5 months pregnant, which is to be expected.  The problem with my body being like this, is that I barely had enough material to tie the Moby with.  Now, 7 months later, I have plenty of material and can double or triple knot it, but if you naturally have a thicker frame you might want to test a Moby before buying it to make sure it will fit comfortably for you and your baby.

Baby Bjorn Carrier
I love the Bjorn Carrier.  It's seriously the easiest thing to put on, which makes it ideal when your baby is screaming and you need to throw them in a carrier quickly.  My husband even loves using it!  I love that your baby can face in or out in the Bjorn.  My babies loved facing in for snuggle time or naps, but loved facing out to see the world and kick their little legs.   

I started using the Bjorn when my babies outgrew the Seven Sling.  By that time, they had a little bit of head control and could hold themselves up better in a carrier.  The only problem with the Bjorn is that most of the weight is carried in your back and shoulders, so once your baby hits about 15 pounds, it can get painful.  Like I said before, my last baby was a big boy.  Once he hit about 14 pounds, I could only carry him in the Bjorn for about 30 minutes until my shoulders were killing me.  I think now they have newer models with better back support, so if I were to get another Bjorn I would definitely look into those.  

Some people say the Baby Bjorn is bad for your baby because it is a "crotch dangler", meaning your baby is dangling in the carrier from the crotch rather than being supported in a sitting position.  I was never concerned about this, because I wasn't keeping my baby in the carrier for hours and hours every day.  My baby was always happy in the Bjorn carrier.  In fact, a lot of time it was the only thing that calmed him down when he was crying.  I would definitely buy the Bjorn again or recommend it to a friend. I think it's a great, affordable, and convenient carrier for small babies.

Ergo Baby Carrier
The Ergo Baby Carrier is definitely my favorite carrier.  With my first baby, I was happy with my Seven Sling and Bjorn, because my first baby was a pretty petite little guy.  My second was a chunker though, and when my shoulders and back started to hurt with the Bjorn, I started looking into other carrier options.  My sister-in-law told me about her Ergo, and after reading all the great reviews online, I knew I had to get one.  

The Ergo carrier is a lot pricier than other carriers, but I promise you it is worth it 100%.  The material on the Ergo is very soft, and after a few practices it is pretty easy to get on by yourself.  The Ergo is great, because your baby is seated in a sitting position, almost like they are in a chair.  Another reason, and probably my favorite thing about the Ergo, is how the pressure and weight is all in your hips.  There is almost no weight at all in your back and shoulders with this carrier.  Because of this, I can carry my chunky monkey 7 month old for a couple hours without any pain at all.  When I take it off, I can feel a little pressure in my hips, but it's not painful at all.  

The Ergo carrier has three different positions: front, side, and back.  My husband and I went to the zoo last month and put our 2-year old in the Ergo in the back position.  That's right, our 2-year old!  The Ergo held up like a champ and he loved every minute of it.  I also love the Ergo's pockets to hold my keys and phone, and the built in cover that comes up to nurse or shield your baby from the sun while they are sleeping is awesome.

The only complaint I have with the Ergo is that you can't have your baby facing outward in it.  For me, it wasn't a deal breaker, but if that is something that really bothers you, then look into the Beco Gemini carrier which can be positioned outward facing and is similar to the Ergo.  If I was rich, I would totally buy an Ergo carrier for every baby shower I went to.  I seriously love it that much.  If you are thinking of getting an Ergo, make sure and check on Ergo's website to see what places are verified sellers, because sadly there are a lot of fake Ergo carriers out on the market.  Although a fake one might be cheaper, it won't have buckles and straps that are safety tested which could potentially harm your baby. 

What carrier do you use for your baby?  I love hearing about new and different carriers.


  1. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Super great review. I agree with all you say. The ergo is my favorite I use it inside and outside, in snow and in sun, for my baby (6 months) and my 3 yr old. It could even be used for my 7 averaged size yr old if need be.

    Tela-Stay at home mother of three homesteading in Alaska

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