Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watch it Wednesday- The Bachelorette

Sorry this post is coming to you a little later in the day than usual, but there was just so much to write about. The Bachelorette started this week!  The first episode did not fall short in any way, in fact, it may have been one of my favorite first Bachelorette episodes ever.  Here are my thoughts...
  • What was up with Des pulling up in some old Honda?  I wonder if she rehearsed that, or if the producers were running out of clips to add when they were editing?  The blue Bentley was definitely a huge upgrade.
  • Des's dress....gorg!  It was sparkly and looked great on her.  I kind of want that dress now.
  • Des's hair was kind of all over the place.  Does she not have a whole makeup team?  It looked like she curled it herself while brushing her teeth and putting on mascara.
  • I thought there was too much pre-limo meet and greet talk from Des.  There was a lot of bikini roller-blading and talking with Chris Harrison, but I would have loved more cocktail party drama from the guys.
Now let's get to the guys, because that's the best part anyway. There are some hotties this season!  Also a few weirdos, but we will get to that.  Overall there is a good enough mix of guys to supply just enough love for Des, and just enough crazy and entertainment for us viewers.  It's the perfect storm for great TV.

  • The creeper (Jonathan)- WTF!?  Was this guy for real?  At first I thought he just had a bad intro with his whole date card thing, but then he would not quit.  What in his mind thought it was a good idea to go with the "Hey, come here, I want to show you something in this dark corner..." approach to getting a girl?  Good move Des on kicking that creep-o out early.
  • #theannoyinghashtagguy (#Kasey) #whotalksinhashtags #soannoying #youarenotcute
  • Shirtless Guy (Zak W)- He reminds me of a puppy that wants attention  All. The. Time.  "Hey, look at me guys!"  "Look what I can do!"  "Did you see my trick?  Huh?  Did ya?"  And the whole not wearing a shirt thing was not impressive.  Yes, you have a nice body, but you just gave it away and now Des can't sit in bed at night wondering what's under your shirt, because she's already seen it.  If you were a girl, we would call you easy.
  • Dental Guy (Mike R.)- I get when you are a dental assistant, your teeth usually look whiter and straighter than your average Joe, but whoa!  Mike R's teeth look like that episode in Friends when Ross bleaches his teeth and puts a black-light on them.  It's a little much.  And just because you wear a lab coat does not, I repeat NOT, make you McDreamy or McSteamy.
  • The Magician (Nick R.)- Some guys look good with a little 5 o'clock shadow, but Nick R. is not one of them.   His magic tricks were fun and definitely set him apart from the other guys, but any chemistry with him was gone quicker than his disappearing act with Des.
  • Glasses Guy (Larry)- I thought Larry was cute, but his personality knocked that cuteness level down a few notches every time he talked.  I did feel bad that his dance dip didn't go like the 50+ times he practiced it, but such is life.  And seriously, how many times can one person take off and put on their glasses in one night.  Someone needs to introduce this guy to something called contacts.  
  • Knight (Diogo)- Does ABC hire random people to dress up in costume so they can make it look cooler than it is in their editing?
  • Soccer Stud (Juan Pablo)- How could Des not say "Juan Pablo"?  Is it really that hard?  Whatever his name is, he is hot.
  • Converse (Zack K.)- I like the fact that he wore Converse with his suit.  He seems nice.
  • The Veteran (Bryden)- I like this guy's personality, but I can't stand his hair.  Every time I saw him, I just wanted to give him new hair.  It's actually still bugging me.  I think he will go far though.  He seems nice.
  • The high-fiver (Will)- Who gives a high-five to the woman they will potentially marry when they first meet her?  Nope.
  • Kasey's twin (Brandon)- Does he not look like "guard and protect your heart" Kasey from Ali's season?  Totally does!  Evidently he is getting heat for a bomb threat he made a while back in 2005.  Not smart Kasey Brandon.
  • Fabio (Brooks)- I don't think Fabio is hot, so your nickname is not a good one Brooks. Sorry.  Maybe you should try washing your hair more often.  I think I could see the oil dripping on your scalp.  But I do like your name and you are from Salt Lake City, so deep down I am kind of rooting for you.
  •  The Dad (Ben)-  Ben's little boy was UH-DOR-A-BLE!  He reminded me of my little boy, and that tug at my heart strings a bit.  I may or may not have cried a little when Des met little Brody.  I would definitely say Ben is one of my favorites...that is until I watched the previews for the rest of the season.  It could just be tricky editing, but it totally looked like Ben was a villain this season and totally lied to his baby mama about coming on the show.  I guess we will see.
And now for my top three based on first impressions from episode 1 in no particular order.
  •  Sexy (Dan)- Def one of the hottest guys on the show.  I could have written Dan's bio myself.  "Worst Three Attributes: Taking on too much at once, always trying to please, too trusting"...this is totally me!  And his favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, which means you know he is cool.
  • Shoe-tie Guy (Chris)- I thought his intro to Des when he got out of the limo and got on one knee to tie his shoe was classic.  It was done well and he seems like a very funny guy.  His tall dark and handsome traits would look good on Des's arm in the finale.  I'm no matchmaker, but she totally smiled a real smile when he walked away from her, so I think there is real chemistry potential there.
  • The model (Brian)- Brian was a former fitness model and is a member of "Good Fellas of Baltimore" which is a group of entrepreneurs that do charity for families in need.  He listed "The Rock" and "The Notebook" as two of his favorite movies on his bio, and he played baseball at the University of Maryland.  If that doesn't sell you on this guy, then this photo of him in his modeling days will.  Yowza!

Any other guy not included didn't make a big enough impression to get mentioned, or I have yet to think of a good nickname for them.  I think this is going to be a great season filled with the usual drama, tears, fights, and hot tub make-outs.  Oh yeah...and love, don't forget the love.

Are you watching?  Who are your favorites?


  1. Ben was definitely my favorite! And the creeper even made me feel uncomfortable! It will for sure be an interesting season!

  2. I think you are pretty spot on!! I liked how you noted that Larry kept taking his glasses on and off! I kept thinking like, "what is he doing??? he keeps doing it while they are talking like he can't see her!" Weird.

    So yes, for now I like Ben, Converse Shoes, Shoe Tie Guy, and what about the guy that first got out of the limo? Drew right? He's one of my fav's as well. I'm excited for this season. I like watching Des cause I feel like she is a normal person, shes cute but not over the top to make you feel bad about yourself.


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