Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

Here are a couple of my favorite apps for Friday Favorites.


My grandma introduced me to this app.  Yes, my grandma.  She downloaded it on my phone for my toddler, and he is obsessed with it.  He could be throwing a crazy fit, and the second we turn on the Tozzle app he gets so happy and calms down.  I don't always like to use electronics as bribery, but sometimes as a mom you get desperate and do whatever works.  I like Tozzle, because it helps in problem solving in kids.  Basically, Tozzle is just a puzzle app, but there are a large variety of puzzles to choose from.  Every kind of puzzle from a few big pieces to a lot of little intricate pieces.  When my son first got on this app, it took him a long time to figure out how to drag each puzzle piece to the right spot.  Sometimes he even got frustrated.  After a couple of weeks, he was a pro at it.  I swear some of them he could even do blindfolded.  
Tozzle has a few puzzles with uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers.  Around 19 months, I learned my son could identify and say all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.  It amazed me and anyone who heard him, and the crazy part was I really had not worked with him that much academically.  I realized Tozzle and a few other alphabet apps were the reason.  It's crazy how fast little minds can learn. I also love that this app can easily be just as fun on silent mode, making it great for quiet places like church.  
The Tozzle app cost a couple bucks, but it is totally worth it.  There is also a Tozzle lite that is free which has a couple puzzles if you want your little one to try it out before you buy it.  We definitively bought it.


Let me start by saying I am NOT a runner and I do NOT like running.  Every once in a while though I decide running might be good for me, so I do it anyways.  Recently, running has become a lot easier with the RunKeeper app. I like this app, because it makes tracking your workouts fun and it is super easy to understand.  It also has a social element to it, so you can join with your friends on the app to see their workouts and motivate each other.  There is a lot that this app can do, but my favorites are how it automatically plays your music from your iPhone during your run and notifies you every few minutes on your running progress and stats.  It also comes pre-loaded with specific workouts for whatever your running needs are.  RunKeeper is free.  If you get RunKeeper, let me know so we can be friends!

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